Sunday, December 02, 2007

Catholic Links from Wyoming!

Here are some Catholic Websites Available in my Diocese. Come visit Beautiful Wyoming.

The Diocese of Cheyenne (Our Beloved Diocese) Our Youth in Wyoming are blest with awesome statewide programs and events, including World Youth Day pilgrimages. Check out our Local Catholic Register. We have many active ministries and Catholic Schools throughout the state. You can even find out Bishop David Ricken's lastest teachings, schedule, and prayer requests. Right at this website. So check it out.

Wyoming School of Catholic Thought Part of the restoration of an authentic Catholic Culture in the Diocese with the focus are adult formation. WYSCT is run every August on Casper Mountain. Our bishop and school director get some of the top Catholic professors in the fields of literature, theology, apologetics, arts, social sciences, etc. They come to the mountain and teach us about faith, culture, prayer, and so much more. It is an awesome week of good food for the mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Wyoming Catholic College First year of the College's existance. An Idea thought up by students at the Bishop at the WYSCT and see the fruit right here. Quote from mission statement here: "Wyoming Catholic College is a four-year college committed to offering a liberal arts education that steeps its students in the awesome beauty of our created, natural world and imbues them with the best that has been thought and said in Western civilization, including the moral and intellectual heritage of the Catholic Church. The College strives to promote a love of learning, an understanding of natural order, and the quest for virtuous living so that its graduates will assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society."

The Coffee Monks! Yes, we have our own monks in our diocese now. The Carmelite monks were founded in near Cody, Wy in 2003. They make great coffee and sign beautiful chant music. Come check out their website and get a cup of good Java with sweet tunes for the soul.

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